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Remember when you said, “When will the tantrum-filled two’s ever end??”  Well…be careful what you wish for – your ‘baby’ is three and the next thing on the horizon…thinking about Kindergarten! Where did the time go?


Who could have imagined such leaps and bounds in such a short period of time? Regular diaper changes, elastic-waist pants, and food neatly and lovingly handed over by mom have been replaced by the hope of regularly using “big boy” underpants, buttons and zippers and snack containers opened quietly when mom isn’t looking!

Getting ready for this next stage can be a little bit intimidating, but we’ve got some ideas to help make it easier.

Development at age 3

By three years old, your child can likely verbalize many of his needs and is becoming quite the independent little person!  It is good to know where your child is at for his age and stage of development before the start of school.

There's an NDDS for age 3 too!

Just like in our other emails to you, you can check your 3 year-old’s developmental milestones using the Nipissing District Developmental Screen.  If you have concerns, or if you check any ‘nos’ about your child’s development, call or email us: Dial 311 or

Top 10 Lists for parents

Who doesn’t love a Top 10 list? Well, we’ve worked with the Halton public and Catholic schools boards, and the Ontario Early Years Centres to design these quick and easy Top 10 lists of activities you can do with your child to support every area of their development (psst…it’s more than just height and weight!)

How to start school on the right foot

The good news? Simply being a loving parent means you’re already half way there!

Healthy transitions, early learning, and a whole lot of other great achievements happen when kids feel safe.  Kids feel loved and secure with people who love them and can respond to their needs, especially when they are sick, scared, upset, tired, or hungry.  So, the most important stuff kids need to start school on the right foot is already happening in your home – love, acceptance and lots and lots of play!

Other things you can do

There many things families can do to make the kindergarten experience happy and fun. Whether or not you choose to send your child to Kindergarten, check out our new checklists related to health care, getting your child ready and starting important routines.

Here’s a highlight:

  • Have a healthy family lifestyle full of nutritious food and lots of active play
  • Practise bathroom, hand-washing and other basic routines
  • Learn about Ontario’s early learning program and feel informed as your child starts school
  • Access the many community supports and other resources available to Halton families
  • Get a check-up: make sure all the important stuff like vision, hearing, speech, emotional and physical development are on-track
  • Seek help if you have any concerns at all about the start of school

Now, just breathe and enjoy the experience because everything you need to know about helping your child start kindergarten is in our new comprehensive Ready Set Go! section or our website. can always find the help you need anytime by getting in touch with us at HaltonParents.


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